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leanne clarkson-helton

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[21 Mar 2004|05:24pm]
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My thoughts... [11 Feb 2004|03:17pm]
[ mood | still sick ]

Here are my thoughts of the first group of 8 in order of favorite to not favorite.

katie webber sffdjklkj! I. LOVE. HER. Personally I loved her song choice. She proved that she isn't just some pretty blonde popstar wannabe, and she is here to show that she can do more than be what she is made out to. [if that made sense]. She has amazing presence and vocal ability, and I would love to see her in the top 12!

diana degarmo she is soooo cute! I think she is amazing for her age. She is better then people older than her. She is just.. great. The end. She knows what song to chose, she knows how to use it, thats it, she wins.

erskine walcott smooth. i really liked him better than others, but he reminds me of charles. you don't want people to think of someone else when you sing, i would rather just be known as me. I see him as a wildcard, but i can see him getting through too.

marque lynche he is the cutest. i didn't really like his song choice, I think he could have chosen something better. I felt like he was holding his voice back durning the first part then really hit the power notes. He didn't seem to know how to control is voice to keep it soft then bring it out, he just held back. I don't know. But I love his voice and the second part was awesome. But he won't get through

ashley thomas simon is right about her. no spark. she has this amazing voice, and really really good control. She is really cute too. I remember saying to my brother at the start of her performance,"wow good control", but i remember nothing after that.

matt metzger he reminds me of tyler hamilton [canadian idol finalist], but he sorta sings like millsy. of course millsy is better, and i hated tyler come the finals so i don't know, come up with something from that.

jennifer hudson something about her really really bothers me, i don't know what though. I see her as a wildcard. She reminds me of Kelli Glover [ai1 semi-finalist/wildcard] but it could be just the hair lmfao. No, they both had really good voices, but just never made it through. I don't know thats not a good critique.

fantasia barrino the judges are on crack. she is ok, just not my personal taste at all. no thanks, send her home bring back draeh!

As of now I definately see Nicole Tieri [Scooter Girl] as a wildcard. I mean, she has so much press already. On ET they did a story on her the night after the show of her first audition. They went to her hometown and talked to one of her friends about her disorder. Yesterday she was on Extra talking about it. I really feel like the judges planned it out. To cut her and bring her back as a wildcard and put her through to the next round. It's a ratings/publicity thing.

Ok well thats my commentary.

Now everyone go join idol_directory to pimp your idol related communities.

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wow three weeks,but MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!!! [26 Dec 2003|01:37am]
[ mood | drained ]

So much shit has been happening, shit being a good and bad. But I will update about that some other time right now its all about WORLD IDOLMAS!!!!!1111~1`2

I was actually kind of disapointed with the show. With a few exceptions of course.

Alexander Klaws- Wow was he scary/weird/odd/different. They seriously started the show with a German guy singing Maniac from Flashdance. He claimed that everyone else in the show was singing ballads. Later we witnessed Peter.

Guy Sebastian- God I love his voice. He is just so i don't know, angelic or something. His voice is awesome and different, and yes I think he is hot. He is FANTASTIC. Potential winner, but we already knew that.

Jamai Loman- The rest of the netherland idols must have sucked for him to win. He has a good voice, but I found him very average. Nothing special, meh, sorry.

Heinz Winkler- Not as a sexy as everyone else thinks he is, sorry Kelly. Again average, good voice. I can see him winning the South African Idol title, but not World Idol. Actually, no I liked "honey voiced" Brandon better, from the 2 second clip they showed of him.

Diana Karazon- Cool chick, I liked her, very nice voice. They judges were right about her not being able to win due to restrictions OF COMPLETE UNDERSTANDANCE BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE SINGING. Alright I'm done.

Ryan Malcolm- I can see why Simon had called it a So what performance, but if Simon watched Canadian Idol then say that I think he would have given Ryan better praise. I thought Ryan was really good tonight, one of the best performances, from him, and out of all of the contestants. He was a lot better then from the Christmas special.

Kelly Clarkson- Well duh, we all know what I think. Yes, she was sick, yes she pushed some spots, and her voice cracked a small bit, and you could tell she was sick, but other then that, amazing!! ABSOFUCKINGLUTLEY AMAZING. Sorry people, no one beats her in my books. Oh and Zack Werner needs to be shot.

Will Young- OMFG WILLLLL. Very hot!! He was definately one of the best tonight. He really knows how to control his voice and get the attention of the audience with creshendos and decreshendos. Amazing. I love him. Too bad he is gay, or too bad I'm a chick.

Peter Evrard- MY GOD HE IS HOTTT. He fucking ruled. RULED! MMMROCKERDUDE. I don't care if it was a Cobain impersonation or anything, I can't wait to see him with a live band. Please Peter come to Canada with a band behind you. Can I be a groupie?

Alicja Janosz- SHE IS SO ADORABLE AND SHORT AND HEE. I wish she sang more of a rock song, and someone helped the life of her haistyle. Buttttt she was great!! I love her. I love her accent. Three words! I HATE CHU!! :') Can I have her album now?

Kurt Nilsen- Yes Dicko, Middle Earth Idol. I agree, he is pretty ugly. But its like a clay story. People remembered Clay because he wasn't the most good looking, but had an awesome voice. People remembered Kurt because he has the grand canyon between his teeth and he can sing great. Not amazing, but great. But Kurts ugliness doesn't seem to be able to be helped. Plus one of the most hilarious things of the night. "The judges didn't think he would be able to sell any albums, but they were wrong, he has sold 75 000." Yes because 75 000 is so much. Good luck with your career Kurt, hope you aren't the next Justin Guarini. Actually, I don't care.

So, I saw both shows, thanks to being at my dads with the god I like to call a satelite dish. I first saw the horrific, badly cut Ben Mulroney version. He wasn't even there. He was all like "Judges?" *asks wall*. Too bad he couldn't afford the trip to London. Actually I bet Ryan and Zack were saying 'thank god' instead of too bad. Oh well, Ben loses. I then saw the amazing show with Ant and Dec hosting, who were actually there, well duh. They are the greatest. Can they come host Canadian Idol 2, maybe then we will have better luck with more talented singers. And we won't vote out the actually talented people so early such as KAREN-LEE BATTEN!! cough. Oh and they had the little "Kelly Commentary". I loved her thing about Alex Klaws. "Uhh I think he would do really well in theatre." In other words. "YOU SUCK BUDDY"

SO that is my update wow. I was going to make it a chirtmas update but this is long enough, so I'll do that tomorrow. NIGHT! <3

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[05 Sep 2003|10:46pm]
Ok here it is! If you are in this list and have me on your friends list please remove me. Since I am in a good mood I'll be nice and say that its either because of a] you don't update b]i don't usually read your journal, sorry c] i desperately needed to cut people.


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You have made it past the cut and just got one step closer to becoming Leanne's Idol *applauds*

I will keep the cut people on my list till monday night to give them a chance to see this post
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[12 Jun 2003|02:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

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